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Nationalparks Austria Forschungssymposium 2017

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Nationalparks Austria

36391Zoning in spatial planning for protected areas and tourism destinations in mountain regions - case of the Kopaonik National Park in Serbia Publication Sasa Milijic et al. 2018
36317YOUrALPS: Integratin young people's concepts, educators' teaching principles and stakeholders' educational tasks for transformation of education and society towards sustainability in the Alps Publication Lukas Fritz et al. 2018
36341Wintering birds in floodplain forests - Effects of vegetation structure and landscape composition on species assemblages Publication Barbara Hönigsberger 2018
36397Winners and losers of climate change in the Central Alps Publication Lena Nicklas, Martin Mallaun, Brigitta Erschbamer 2018
36363Wilderness preserved? Representation of wild land within Austria's network of protected areas Publication Bernhard Kohler et al. 2018
36474Wilderness is a unique laboratory - Science and Wilderness in Europe Publication Vlado Vancura 2018
36418Where do red deer come from and where do they go? Publication Thomas Rempfler 2018
36281Where do endemics reside? Endemic beetles in the Gesäuse National Park (Austria) and their relevance for nature conservation Publication Sandra Aurenhammer et al. 2018
36443Whatsalp Wien - Nizza 2017: Eine Fußreise durch die Alpen und ihre Großschutzgebiete Publication Dominik Siegrist 2018
36504What is biodiversity, how can it be quantified and prioritised and what does that mean for Austrian national parks? Publication Klaus Peter Zulka, Georg Bieringer, Erich Weigand 2018
36390'What is a national park for?' - Principles of worth in a Swiss national park project Publication Annina Helena Michel 2018
36305Water-use strategies of conifer trees from the Swiss National Park to recent climatic changes Publication O.V. Churakova et al. 2018
36377Water balance modeling and climate impact research in the Berchtesgaden National Park Publication Gabi Leonhardt et al. 2018
36402Water availability as a key factor of forest dynamics in protected areas - long-term perspectives inferred from tree rings Publication Walter Oberhuber 2018
36442Waste management in mountain protected areas Publication Luisa Semernya et al. 2018
36431Visitors' use of national park services and their affinity to the Gesäuse National Park Publication Lena Saukel 2018
36411Vertigo Effect: Institutional dynamics in nature conservation Publication Christina Picher-Koban, Martina Ukowitz, Michael Jungmeier 2018
36423Using an aggregated remote sensing-based habitat quality index for the identification of spatially targeted conservation measures Publication Barbara Riedler, Stefan Lang 2018
36488'Unterer Eisbodensee' - a good example for the future evolution of glacial lakes in Austria? Publication Hans Wiesenegger, Georg Kum, Heinz Slupetzky 2018
36374Unique and highly threatened - endemic plants at the cold edge of southern Europe Publication A. Lamprecht et al. 2018
36439Unexpected larval development in a highly glaciated headwater Publication Stefan A. Schütz, Leopold Füreder 2018
36299Trajectories of Protected Area Creation in the Austrian Alps: two case studies Publication Valerie Braun, Andreas Haller 2018
36294Tough forage on alpine pastures? Nutritional value, phenology and stand structure of alpine pastures over 20 years Publication Albin Blaschka, Thomas Guggenberger, Reinhard Huber 2018
36288Threats of Climate Change to Single-Island Endemic Species in Protected Areas Publication Carl Beierkuhnlein, Severin D.H. Irl 2018
36337The use of crowdsourced (spatial) data in visitor management. Discussed by the example of a visitor hotspot in Berchtesgaden National Park Publication Sabine Hennig 2018
36352The Tyrolean Alps LTSER platform - connecting science and people Publication Sarah Kerle, Ulrike Tappeiner 2018
36320The Triglav Glacier: Seventy Years of Regular Observations Publication Matej Gabrovec, Miha Pavsek 2018
36486The Social Construction of Nature, an explorative investigation of the constructed meaning of Nature within four national park exhibitions in Austria and Germany Publication Sarah Wendl 2018
36381The sicilian system of Protected Areas. Integrated planning and management policies for protected areas Publication Francesca Lotta, Filippo Schilleci 2018
36412The recovery of ecologically and chemically impaired tributaries in the Podyi/Thayatal National Park Publication C. Pichler-Scheder, C. Gumpinger 2018
36437The potential of UAV-data for surveying sediment dynamics - A case study in the Gesäuse National Park Publication Stefan Schöttl 2018
36354The Open Air Lab Kitzsteinhorn (OpAL) - Open Innovation in High Altitude Publication Markus Keuschnig, Ingo Hartmeyer 2018
36321The National Park Gesäuse Partnership: From resistance to cooperation Publication Christoph Gahbauer 2018
36499The mass balance series of Stubacher Sonnblickkees 1946-2016 and the semi-direct calculation of the mass balance of glaciers. A contribution to LTER Austria Publication B. Zagel, H. Slupetzky, H. Wiesenegger 2018
36286The management of wild reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in Hardangervidda National Park, Norway Publication Tessa Bargmann, Ole R. Veetas 2018
36477The land snail fauna of the National Park Gesäuse. Ecology of the alpine land snails, with a special focus on endemic species Publication Johannes Volkmer 2018
36350The Lab Above the Clouds. Sonnblick Observatory and Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Publication Anne Kasper-Giebl 2018
36416The importance of heterogeneous shoreline habitats for ecosystem functions in large regulated rivers Publication Eva-Maria Pölz et al. 2018
36491The impact of rock glaciers on the runoff of alpine catchments in protected areas of Austria Publication G. Winkler et al. 2018
36301The formation of glacial lakes in Austria and in the Hohe Tauern National Park since the Little Ice Age Publication Johannes Buckel et al. 2018
36400The expansion of the Kalkalpen National Park from the perspective of political ecology Publication Philip Nigl 2018
36282The evolution of debris mantling glaciers in the Stelvio Park (Italian Alps) over the time window 2003-2012 from high resolution remote-sensing data Publication Roberto Sergio Azzoni et al. 2018
36414The effects of mountain farming on biodiversity-monitoring and evaluation of vegetation changes on managed and abandoned mountain pastures in the Gesäuse National Park (Styria, Austria) in an eleven years timescales Publication Claudia Plank, Andreas Bohner, Thomas Wrbka 2018
36329The current situtaion of the River Enns fish fauna around the Gesäuse National Park Publication C. Gumpinger 2018
36410The Alpine Health Region Salzburg - an evidence-based health tourism approach for the valorization of natural resources within and outside protected areas Publication Christina Picher et al. 2018
36378Temporal and spatial variability of bedrock, debris and glaciers in the Austrian Alps since the Alpine Last Glacial Maximum and its relevance for egological research Publication Gerhard Karl Lieb et al. 2018
36323Tackling jointly the challenges of rural development and biodiversity conservation in protected areas Publication Gregor Giersch, Angela Meyer 2018
36342Sustainable regional development approaches in Alpine biosphere reserves - Farmers' perceptions Publication Adelheid Humer-Gruber 2018
36316Sustainable hunting plan as a tool of wildlife management: the Italian case Publication Lucrezia Forti, Sandra Notaro, Alessandro Paletto 2018
36356Survival in little? Refugia of high-elevated plants in the Spanish Sierra Nevada Publication David Kienle, Pia M. Eibes, Carl Beierkuhnlein 2018
36467Surface change modelling of small scale debris flow dynamics (Mühlsturzgraben, National Park Berchtesgaden, Germany) Publication M.J. Stumvoll, J. Götz, J.W. Buckel 2018
36389Study on the introgression of hybrid poplar genes in the gene pool of black poplar in the Danube National Park Publication Melanie Micek 2018
36408Stakeholders' opinions about the relevance of human activities in Natura 2000 sites: comparison among three European countries (Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia) Publication Alessandro Paletto et al. 2018
36376Springs in the Bavarian National Parks as indicators for climate change Publication Gabriele Leonhardt et al. 2018
36419Springs in Gesäuse National Park - Hotspots of biodiversity Publication Christina Remschak 2018
36496Speleology in the Berchtesgaden National Park Eiskapelle: 26 years of surveying Publication Andreas Wolf, Bärbel Vogel 2018
36489Spatio-temporal patterns of dragonfly occurrence on meadows in the Donau-Auen National Park, Lower Austria Publication Natascha Wild 2018
36398Spatial and temporal variation of chironomid assemblages in hight altitude streams of the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark: environmental niche differentiation Publication Georg H. Niedrist 2018
36433Soil succession in relation to vegetation on a subalpine forest site in the Northern Limestone Alps Publication Judith Schaufler 2018
36401Small ruminants in a sustainable socio-ecological metabolism: A case study from Samothraki, Greece. Publication Dominik Noll 2018
36428Shifting protected area strategies to evidence based governance and management Publication Engelbert Ruoss, Loredana T. Alfare 2018
36462Shifting composition and functioning in alpine plant communities - Evidence of climate warming effects from 14 years biodiversity observation in the Northeastern Alps Publication K. Steinbauer et al. 2018
36498Sedimentological downstream effects of dam failure and the role of sediment connectivity: a case study from the Bohemian Massif, Austria Publication Maria Theresia Wurster et al. 2018
36405Seasonal snow cover evolution in the Nationalparks Austria since 1961 Publication M. Olefs et al. 2018
36359Seasonal patterns of food use of wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) in a Central European floodplain forest Publication Elisabeth Knapp, Christian H. Schulze 2018
36479Rock glaciers - prominent landforms in (protected areas of) Austria Publication T. Wagner et al. 2018
36336Restoring fluvial landscapes - ecological effects of side-arm reconnection Publication Thomas Hein et al. 2018
36362Research in protected areas funded by the Austrian National Committee for UNESCO's 'Man and the Biosphere' programme Publication Günter Köck 2018
36322Remote sensing based comprehensive monitoring of land cover change in protected areas Publication Luisa Gedon, Ruth Sonnenschein, Ariane Walz 2018
36495Record and description of the sediments of the flood in June 2013 in the area of the Donau-Auen National Park Publication Gisela Wittwer 2018
36277Rain, cost or publicity - what determines variation in visitor numbers to the Swiss National Park? Publication Pia Anderwald et al. 2018
36279Protected areas' landscapes as resources for human health and well-being - case studies from Austria Publication Arne Arnberger et al. 2018
36385Promoting terrestrial habitat- and species-diversity as a consequence of river rewildering (middle Isar, Natura 2000-area) Publication Christine Margraf 2018
36347Prokosko Lake - A monument to man Publication Haris Jahic, Muriz Spahic, Emir Temimovic 2018
36407Predicting future glacial lakes in Austria - preliminary results Publication Jan-Christoph Otto et al. 2018
36392Potential for applying Intergenerational Practice to involve underrepresented age groups in protected area management Publication Tamara Mitrofanenko et al. 2018
36289Postglacial evolution and recent siltation of the protected lake Taferlklaussee (Salzkammergut, Upper Austria) Publication H. Bernsteiner et al. 2018
36484Population density and habitat preferences of the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis Temminck, 1815) in floodplain forests - A case study from the Donau-Auen National Park, Lower Austria Publication Barbara M. Waringer, Karl Reiter, Christian H. Schulze 2018
36394Population density and habitat preferences in a Tawny Owl Strix aluco population in floodplain forests in Eastern Austria Publication Christina Nagl, Christian H. Schulze 2018
36290People in German Biosphere Reserves Publication Claudia Bethwell 2018
36334Patterns of Wilderness - en route to compiling an inventory of the national processes in Gesäuse National Park (Ennstaler Alps) Publication Corinna Hecke, Michael Jungmeier, Daniel Kreiner 2018
36435Participatory modelling for understanding consequences of management choices on ecosystem services and biodiversity in protected areas Publication Uta Schirpke, Rocco Scolozzi 2018
36468Participatory Management of Protected Areas in Slovakia: Reconciling nature conservation and local development Publication Juraj Svajda, Heino Meessen, Thomas Kohler 2018
36284Parks as an instrument for sustainable regional development. A study in the intersection of tourism research, cultural studies and aesthetics Publication Jens Badura, Stefan Forster 2018
36283Park objectives in transformation: What are parks for and why do we want them? Publication Norman Backhaus, Olivier Graefe 2018
36360Park-labelled products as a tool for innovation and regional development Publication Florian Knaus 2018
36278Palaeoecological Research in the Triglav National Park (Slovenia) Publication Maja Andric et al. 2018
36351Open Wounds in Thin Skin: Soil Processes after Natural Disturbances Publication Klaus Katzensteiner et al. 2018
36475Old-growth forests of Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park (Romania) between conservation and mismanagement Publication Iuliana Vijulie et al. 2018
36292Nature Tourists and National Parks: How important are Nature and the Protection Status of an Area for Visitors Publication Christine Bild, Christian Opp 2018
36332Nature therapy and green exercise as remedies for emerging civilization diseases Publication Arnulf Hartl 2018
36358Naturalness and conservation status of forest habitats in the National Park Hohe Tauern Salzburg (Austria) Publication Ralf Klosterhuber, Harald Vacik 2018
36492Natural forest dynamics following bark beetle outbreaks in the Berchtesgaden National Park - Forest structure and biodiversity during disturbance and succession Publication Maria-Barbara Winter et al. 2018
36275Nationalparks Austria Forschungssymposium 2017 - Tagungsband Publication Nationalparks Austria 2018
36483National parks and Natura 2000 sites in Polish Carpathians vs local people: changing attitudes within the past 10 years Publication Agata Warchalska-Troll 2018
36469Mountain lakes in National Park 'Sutjeska' - Evolutionary self-development Publication Emir Temimovic, Muriz Spahic, Haris Jahic 2018
36422Monitoring Permafrost at Hoher Sonnblick, Hohe Tauern, Austria Publication Claudia Riedl, Stefan Reisenhofer 2018
36326Monitoring of Saharan Dust - Influence on aerosol composition and snow chemistry Publication Marion Greilinger, Gerhard Schauer, Anne Kasper-Giebl 2018
36379Monitoring of abiotic natural processes in the Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria: A long-term approach Publication Gerhard Karl Lieb, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer 2018
36319Monitoring Alpine rivers: recent progress and future challenges Publication Leopold Füreder, Georg H. Niedrist, Stefan A. Schütz 2018
36311Modeling grazing intensity of grassland Publication Gregory Egger, Susanne Aigner, Katharina Posch 2018
36480Mobile Soil Moisture Sensing in High Elevations: Applications of the Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensor Technique in Heterogeneous Terrain Publication Ammar Wahbi et al. 2018
36327Millennial scale variability of denudation rates for the last 15 kyrs inferred from the detrital 10Be record of lake Stappitz in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, Austrian Alps Publication R. Grischott et al. 2018
36338Melting underground ice masses in Hochtor massif, Gesäuse National Park - documentation and implications for the water resources of alpine karst Publication Eckart Herrmann, Tamara Höbinger 2018
36434Managing externally caused impacts on protected ecosystems in a long-term perspective - lessons learnt from the Swiss National Park Publication Thomas Scheurer 2018
36472Long term monitoring of natural regeneration in natural forest reserves in Austria Publication Harald Vacik et al. 2018
36333Long-term monitoring of climate-sensitive cirques in the Hohe Tauern range Publication Ingo Hartmeyer et al. 2018
36310Long term-monitoring of birds reveals drastic changes in the bird communities at the national park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel Publication Michael Dvorak et al. 2018
36493Long-term changes in summit plant diversity in the Swiss National Park Publication Sonja Wipf, Christian Rixen 2018
36424Long-term changes in alpine tundra vegetation: 25 years of the International Tundra Experiment ITEX Publication Christina Rixen 2018
36371Local trophic cascading impact of wolves on tree regeneration in summer and winter areas of ungulates Publication Andrea D. Kupferschmid 2018
36429Linking habitat dynamics and population cycles of small mammals in different mountainous forest types in Austria Publication Frederik Sachser, Ursula Nopp-Mayr, Georg Gratzer 2018
36430Let's cooperate: How collaborative governance approaches can help to address institutional fit in protection areas Publication Claudia Sattler 2018
36459Large predators in protected areas - risk or chance Publication Leopold Slotta-Bachmayr 2018
36460Land use in German Biosphere Reserves and its ecological impact Publication Ulrich Stachow, Claudia Bethwell 2018
36382Landscape Monitoring in Berchtesgaden National Park - Comparative spatio-temporal Analysis of Land Cover Inventories Publication Annette Lotz, Andrej Oravec 2018
36309Invasion of non-indigenous carnivores in Austria - the current status of the raccoon (Procyon lotor) and the raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) and prospects of their future distribution Publication Tanja Duscher 2018
36384Interspecific relationships within Romania's protected areas. Case study: the cohabitation Homo sapiens sapiens - Ursus arctos arctos, in Harghita Mountains Publication Gabriela Manea et al. 2018
36485Interactive web services for landslide and habitat monitoring Publication Elisabeth Weinke et al. 2018
36461Interactions, challenges, and management issues at the fringe of National Parks: The case of the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve Publication Christoph Stadel 2018
36466Integrated planning of national parks and adjacent areas - possibilities and limits in cooperation for nature-based tourism and place making Publication Knut Bjorn Stokke, Morten Clemetsen 2018
36313Influencing behaviour of visitors and residents in protected areas Publication Kai Elmauer et al. 2018
36470Indicators for good management of protected areas Publication Urs Tester 2018
36372Index to evaluate the vulnerability to climate change of Mayfly, Stonefly and Caddisfly species in alpine springs Publication Daniel Küry, Verena Lubini, Pascal Stucki 2018
36302Increasing Research Interest in Protected Areas in Switzerland Publication S. Bürgi, A. Wallner 2018
36395Impact of inundation regime and meadow management on wild bee communities and bee-flower networks in the Donau-Auen National Park Publication Ulrich Neumüller, Bärbel Pachinger, Konrad Fiedler 2018
36355Identifying crucial factors for nest survival and predation in a northern lapwing Vanellus vanellus population in the Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel National Park Publication Markus-Leander Khil, Christian H. Schulze 2018
36297How ship-induced wave trains affect shoreline communities in regulated rivers Publication Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze et al. 2018
36328How much wilderness is left in Europe's Wilderness Areas? A comparative analysis of selected wilderness areas in Central Europe Publication Verena Maria Gruber 2018
36349How hunting and legal regulations shape ecological connectivity in the alpine region Publication J. Kahlen et al. 2018
36335How can Swiss Regional Nature Parks improve the functionality of the ecological infrastructure? Pilot-scheme in two Nature Parks in the Canton of Berne Publication Christian Hedinger, Andreas Friedli 2018
36406Habitat selection of alpine chamois under different climatic conditions in the Alpine and Carpathian mountain chains Publication Andrej Oravec 2018
36490Governing peri-urban forestry: filling the regulation gap with Swiss 'Nature-discovery-parks'? Publication Jerylee Wilkes-Allemann, Eva Lieberherr, Bianca Baerlocher 2018
36421Geomorphological Trails in Austria Publication Florian Resl 2018
36339Geocaching in Austrian National Parks Publication Claudia Hödl 2018
36308From long-term ecosystem monitoring to regional modelling of ecosystem function in the National Park Kalkalpen, Austria Publication Thomas Dirnböck et al. 2018
36345From annual glacier mass balances towars a remote monitoring of near real-time mass changes Publication Bernhard Hynek et al. 2018
36370Fluvial landscapes - an important ecological dimension within European protected areas Publication Helmut Kudrnovsky, Werner Lazowski 2018
36441Five Years of Glaciological Monitoring of Venedigerkees, Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria Publication Bernd Seiser, Andrea Fischer, Hans Wiesenegger 2018
36465Ferns in the spray: the pteridophyte flora of the Krimml Waterfalls Publication Oliver Stöhr 2018
36399Feeding plasticity of alpine stream chironomids: evidence from river monitoring in the Hohe Tauern NP Publication Georg H. Niedrist, Leopold Füreder 2018
36295Faunistic assemblages of natural springs in different areas in the Swiss Nationalpark Publication Lucas Blattner, Stefanie von Fumetti 2018
36344Experimental Long-Term Evaluation of a Campaign to Reduce Freeriding-Wildlife Conflicts of Snow Sports Publication Marcel Hunziker, Eva Hubschmid 2018
36340Evaluating the potential of protected areas to preserve biodiversity at large scales Publication Samuel Hoffmann, Carl Beierkuhnlein 2018
36300Environmental damages in the Atlantic Forest Biome: A case study Publication Michele Santa Catarina Brodt et al. 2018
36482Endemism below the species rank: Population genetics of the European Mudminnow (Umbra krameri) Publication Josef Wanzenböck 2018
36312Endemic vascular plants in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada National Park (Spain) Publication Pia M. Eibes, David Kienle, Carl Beierkuhnlein 2018
36346Effects of protection status, climate, and water management of rice fields on long-term population dynamics of herons and egrets in north-western Italy Publication Simona Imperio et al. 2018
36325Effects of green exercise and waterfal aeorosol on mucosal immunity and chronic stress. A randomized controlled clinical trial Publication Carina Grafetstätter et al. 2018
36307Effects of floodplain dynamics on richness, abundance, composition and functional diversity of grasshopper assemblages in the Donau-Auen National Park (Austria) Publication Agnes Demetz, Christian H. Schulze 2018
36375Education of environmental consciousness as an educational goal of the partnership between national park and new secondary school. Results of a qualitative evaluation study Publication Verena Leitner-Klaunzer 2018
36303Ecosystem services provided by the bio-physical structure of natural capital in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Romania Publication Constantin Cazacu, Mihai Cristian Adamescu 2018
36417Ecosystem Services in NATURA 2000 areas of Crete: Information and communication campaign for the ecological, social and economic values of ecosystem services Publication Michalis Probonas et al. 2018
36368Ecosystem Services: Contribution of Natura 2000 Network in the economy and society of Crete Publication Maria Kozyraki et al. 2018
36343Ecosystem Services and Pressures in European Protected Areas: Divergent Views of Environmental Scientists and Managers Publication Christiaan Hummel et al. 2018
36478Ecology of springs in the Swiss National Park: first results and future plans Publication Stefanie von Fumetti 2018
36364Ecological connectivity in the Alps and beyond - a long term challenge Publication Yann Kohler, Guido Plassmann 2018
36494Ecological Connectivity and its Contribution to a Green Economy Publication Grazia Withalm, Michael Getzner, Yann Kohler 2018
36380Dynamic Processes in Austrian Natural Forest Reserves Publication Sebastian Lipp et al. 2018
36438Diversity measures indicating environmental change in alpine river ecosystems Publication Stefan A. Schütz, Leopold Füreder 2018
36471Disturbance impacts on forest succession, biodiversity, and ecosystem services in a changing world Publication Dominik Thom 2018
36500Disturbance and recovery of Biological Soil Crusts (BSCs) in the high alpine region of the Hochtor (Grossglockner, Austria) Publication Lingjuan Zheng, Thomas Peer 2018
36403Dianthus pumarius subsp. blandus - Monitoring under extreme conditions Publication Iris Oberklammer, Walter Köppl 2018
36366Dianthus plumarius subsp. blandus - Distribution and Habitat Features Publication Walter Köppl, Iris Oberklammer 2018
36361Development of Hybrid Poplar Stands in the Donau-Auen National Park (Austria) Publication Teresa Knoll, Karl Reiter 2018
36463Detecting a change in diversity of vascular plants in the natural forest reserve 'Gaisberg' - a comparison of a systematic and representative sample approach Publication Herfried Steiner 2018
36383Design, implementation and performance of an ecosystem monitoring program in Biosphere Reserves - the long-term observation of ecosystems in the Biosphere Reserves in the federal state Brandenburg (ÖUB) Publication Vera Luthardt, Robert Probst, Thomas Lüdicke 2018
36481CORINE for large-scale monitoring of PAs in Europe Publication Ariane Walz, Oliver Korup 2018
36432Contrasting top down effects of amphibians and stocked fish in Austrian alpine lakes Publication Robert Schabetsberger et al. 2018
36287Conservation of the yellow-bellied toad in Gesäuse National Park: collecting baseline date Publication Magdalena Baumgartner, Günter Gollmann 2018
36306Connecting nature, local cultures and tourism in subarctic landscape - case study of local communities attached to the Varanger Peninsula National Park in Northern Norway Publication Morten Clemetsen, Knut Bjorn Stokke 2018
36404Conflict Management - Case studies from the Austrian Natural Forest Reserve Programme Publication Janine Oettel et al. 2018
36497Comparative population genetic analysis of brown trout (Salmo trutta) from Kalkalpen National Park Publication Alexandra Wunder 2018
36367Comparative, long-term ecosystem monitoring across the Alps: Austrian Hohe Tauern National Park, South-Tyrol and the Swiss central Alps Publication Christian Körner 2018
36388Community livelihoods versus biodiversity conservation. Constraints to sustainability of the Santchou forest reserve in the Western highland of Cameroon. Protected ares' landscapes as resources for human health and wellbeing Publication Elvis Mbeng, Umaru Hasan Buba 2018
36315Combined use of KDE software and empirical observation to identify animal-vehicle collisions' hotspots in South Tirol, Northern Italy Publication Filippo Favilli et al. 2018
36280Collaboration between researchers and protected area managers - Empirical insights Publication Isabell Arpin et al. 2018
36396Climatological reference data of a newly established long-term monitoring program in the central Alps Publication Christian Newesely, Ulrike Tappeiner 2018
36427Climate-driven range dynamics and potential current disequilibrium in Alpine vegetation Publication Sabine B. Rumpf et al. 2018
36285Changes in Alpine grassland of Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy): first results from CO2 fluxes monitoring programme. Publication I. Baneschi et al. 2018
36298Challenges for future wildlife managements in and around protected areas Publication Peter Brang 2018
36436Capturing the effects of the Danube River incision on the potential natural vegetation of the Donau-Auen National Park Publication Anna Schöpfer 2018
36291Can collaborative governance approaches enhance the spatio-temporal fit between agricultural related ecosystem services? Publication Claudia Bethwell et al. 2018
36324Biology, conservation, and promotion of Skylark populations in subalpine and alpine zones of the Beverin-Naturpark, Switzerland Publication Roman Graf et al. 2018
36476Biodiversity monitoring in the NW Italian Alps: state and expected changes Publication R. Viterbi et al. 2018
36386Biodiversity assessment in the Gesäuse National Park Publication Alexander Maringer 2018
36373Biodiversity and Landscapes: Where is the missing link? Publication Michael Kuttner 2018
36331Biodiversity and forest structures at the Zurich Wilderness Park Sihlwald Publication Elena Haeler et al. 2018
36503Best practice Science_Linknockberge - Benefits and challenges of five years of co-operation between biosphere reserve and university Publication Daniel Zollner et al. 2018
36502Benefits of mosquito surveillance programs in protected areas: two case reports from Eastern Austria Publication Carina Zittra et al. 2018
36487Bat activity above 3000 m in the Austrian Alps (Hoher Sonnblick, 3106 m) Publication Karin Widerin, Guido Reiter 2018
36296Basic principles for the optimization of wildlife management in 'Donau-Auen National Park' Publication Josephin Böhm 2018
36413Bacterial communities changes in cryoconite on an alpine glacier Publication Francesca Pittino et al. 2018
36425Automatic Glacier Monitoring in the Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria Publication Benjamin Aubrey Robson, Daniel Hölbling 2018
36369A tourism toll road in the biggest central European National Park - a paradigm? Or an antagonism? And what about the inhabitants' expectation? - An Example from the Hohe Tauern National Park. Publication Alexandra Kruse, Peter Strasser 2018
36387Assessment of forest wilderness in the Kalkalpen National Park Publication Simone Mayrhofer et al. 2018
36420Assessing small mammal community diversity with minimally invasive field methods - examples from the Nationalpark Gesäuse (Austria) Publication Stefan Resch, Christine Blatt 2018
36314Aspromonte National Park. The heart of the Metropolitan City of Reggion Calabria: design scenarios Publication Concetta Fallanca, Natalina Carra, Antonio Taccone 2018
36393Aspects of carrying capacities and recreation management: The case of Triglav National Park, Slovenia Publication Irena Mrak et al. 2018
36415Are we willing and are we able to protect endemic species from becoming extinct? Publication Ute Pöllinger 2018
36426A regional assessment of functional diversity in heterogenous grassland with different agricultural management Publication Christian Rossi et al. 2018
36501ArcGIS-generated map of FFH-habitat types for Natura-2000 site Ennstaler Alpen/Gesäuse (Styria, Austria) Publication T. Zimmermann, D. Kreiner 2018
36440Anthropogenic influence on primary succession: A comparative study of 3 glacier forelands of the Central-Alps, Austria Publication Marlon Schwienbacher 2018
36357An improved bedload management for the Danube River in the Donau-Auen National Park. An application of the 'principle Sisyphus' Publication G. Klasz, C. Baumgartner, D. Gutknecht 2018
36365A new classification of endemic species of Austria for nature conservation issues Publication Christian Komposch 2018
36276An application example for modeling grazing intensity: National Park Hohe Tauern Publication Susanne Aigner, Gregory Egger 2018
36318Analysing the impact of drivers and pressures on the conservation goals of protected areas along a large navigable river, the Danube River Publication Andrea Funk, Thomas Hein 2018
36304A multi-taxa approach in mountain ecosystems: a shared protocol between 6 Italian Parks Publication C. Cerrato et al. 2018
36293Altitudinal shifts of Alpine grouse in the Veglia-Devero Natural Park, western Italian Alps Publication Radames Bionda et al. 2018
36473A Fagetum in the natural forest reserve Luxensteinwand - a rare element in the Waldviertel region Publication Harald Vacik et al. 2018
36330Adaptive management at the Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park, Israel: Expectations vs. Reality in a dry Mediterranean ecosystem Publication Liat Hadar, Avi Perevolotsky 2018
3646410 years of glacier mass balance monitoring on Mullwitzkees (Hohe Tauern) Publication Martin Stocker-Waldhuber, Andrea Fischer 2018