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35889World Natural Heritage Sites - Triggers for Sustainable Development Processes? Publication Katharina Conradin 2013
35930Wildlife Management in Protected Areas - Goals and Concepts Publication Sven Herzog 2013
35973Who is eating what? Functional feeding-group composition in Alpine rivers Publication Alexandra Mätzler, Leopold Füreder 2013
35935What are currently the most relevant research priorities, research questions, methods and recent results regional and supra-regional, short and long term? Publication Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, Vienna, Austria 2013
35992Ways to merge conservation needs and recreational fisheries in protected areas Publication Kurt Pinter, Günther Unfer 2013
36032Vertical stratification of xylobiontic beetles in floodplain forests of the Donau-Auen National Park and potential effects of box elder control measures Publication Kathrin Stürzenbaum, Christian H. Schulze 2013
36051Vegetation Survey of Thayatal National Park - status and first results Publication Thomas Wrbka et al. 2013
36018Vegetation Monitoring of Open Habitats in the National Park Thayatal - Results of the First Period Publication Ingrid Schmitzberger, Barbara Thurner 2013
35931Utilization History of Alkaline Fens in the Narua 2000 Area Ödensee Salzkammergut - New Strategies for Future Management Publication Karin Hochegger et al. 2013
35993Use of the forest canopy by bats in temperate forests in the Thayatal National Park Publication Michael Plank, Guido Reiter 2013
35929Use of Modern Information and Communication Technology in Large Protected Areas Publication Sabine Hennig, Robert Vogler, Matthias Möller 2013
35856Urban sprawl and protected areas: How effective are buffer zones in reducing recreation impacts on an urban national park? Publication Arne Arnberger et al. 2013
35938Trends of ozone and meteorological parameters at high alpine sites Publication August Kaiser, Helfried Scheifinger 2013
36029Trade-offs of ecosystem services provided by mountain hay meadows under land use change scenarios Publication Anna Katharina Steinmetz, Christin Haida, Clemens Geitner 2013
35878Tourist typology research in protected areas. Publication Christine Bild, Christian Opp 2013
36037Tourist segments for new facilities in an alpine national park area: Profiling tourists in Norway based on psychographics and demographics Publication Knut Veisten et al. 2013
35859The Zen of driving a motorcycle through a national park: Reconciling group-oriented with practice-oriented research approaches (working paper). Publication Norman Backhaus 2013
36014The role of protected areas for rural tourism: a depiction of Swiss and Italian cases Publication Rita Salvatore, Emilio Chiodo, Fabian Kühnel-Widmann 2013
36035The role of Hohe Tauern National Park as a Noah's Ark for threatened lichens Publication Roman Türk 2013
36047The influence of tree species, stratum and forest management - a case study from the Schwäbische Alb Publication M. Weiss et al. 2013
35942The Impact of Robinia pseudoacacia on Ground Vegetation and Plant Nutrient Matter in Donau-Auen National Park Publication B. Kastler, C. Samini 2013
35962The Impact of Alien Plant Species on the Conservation Success of a Protected Natura 2000 Area within the Ecological Restoration of the River Traisen, Lower Austria Publication Katharina Lapin, Karl-Georg Bernhardt 2013
36008The effect of Climate Change during the Lateglacial in the Hohen Tauern Publication Jürgen M. Reitner 2013
36004The development of abandoned side-channels: ecological implications and future perspectives Publication Walter Reckendorfer et al. 2013
35902The Carpathian Ecological Network. GIS approach to detect the landscape permeability for particular umbrella species. Publication Filippo Favilli et al. 2013
35967The birds atlas of the Paklenica National Park, Croatia Publication Gordan Lukac 2013
35921The Biodiversity Database of the Hohe Tauern National Park as a base for research and management: distribution of threatened species in the national park, based on butterfly data Publication Patrick Gros 2013
36022The Bearded Vulture in the Alps - importance of protected areas and long term monitoring Publication Andreas Schwarzenberger, Jens Laass, Richard Zink 2013
36042Swiss Parks of National Importance: Potential Topics and Research Perspectives Publication Astrid Wallner, Marcel Hunziker 2013
36011Summer mountain tourism in climate change: Scenarios and need for action using the example of the high Alpine trail network Publication Florian Ritter 2013
35893Strategies of wetland restoration in the Waasen/Hanság (northern Burgenland) Publication Barbara Dillinger 2013
36036Strategies for the sustainable management of salmonid fish populations in Alpine waters with special emphasis on protected areas and national parks Publication Günther Unfer et al. 2013
35933Status of peat lands in Upper Austria. A survey study on vegetation, including management plans for renaturation Publication Viktoria Igel 2013
36028Stand Dynamics in the Virgin Forest Neuwald Publication Herfried Steiner, Georg Frank 2013
36052Species inventory, ecology and seasonal distribution patterns of Culicidae (Insecta: Diptera) in the National Park Donau-Auen Publication Carina Zittra, Johann Waringer 2013
35985Species Composition Changes of the Herb Layer and Epigeic Spider Communities in Oak-Hornbeam Forest in Bab after 40 Years (Slovakia) Publication Julius Oszlanyi, Lubos Halada, Stanislav David, Peter Gajdos 2013
35982Spatial and temporal variations in chironomid assemblages in glaciated catchments of the Hohe Tauern NP Publication Georg Niedrist, Leopold Füreder 2013
36007Soil inventory in forests of the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald. Water shortage due to climate change? A simple application of the data Publication Rainer Reiter, Karl Gartner 2013
35990Soil Crust InterNational (SCIN) - Understanding and valuing biological soil protection of disturbed and open land surfaces Publication Thomas Peer, Lingjuan Zheng, Burkhard Büdel 2013
35991Society and Protected Areas in Flux - more than one hundred years of nature conservation in Austria, Germany and Switzerland Publication Christina Pichler-Koban, Michael Jungmeier 2013
35979Societal research perspectives on protected areas in Europe: priorities for future research Publication Ingo Mose 2013
36034Social-Ecological Systems: towards a global approach of biodiversity observation in a Regional natural park of alpine territory Publication L. Tschanz, T. Tatoni, J.J. Braun 2013
36030Six years of glacier mass balance on Mullwitzkees (Hohe Tauern) and Hallstätter Gletscher (Dachstein) Publication Martin Stocker-Waldhuber et al. 2013
35918Sediment storage quantification and postglacial evolution of an inner-alpine sedimentary basin (Gradenmoos basin, Schober Mountains, National Park Hohe Tauern, Austria) Publication Joachim Götz, Robert Krisai, Lothar Schrott 2013
35954Scientific Research of Skocjanske Jame Caves (UNESCO World Heritage) - since Antiquity to Modern Times Publication Andrej Kranjc 2013
35946River-bed degradation and overbank deposition: A human induced geomorphic disequilibrium in the Donau-Auen National Park Publication G. Klasz et al. 2013
35854Resource competition between chamois, alpine ibex and red deer in the Swiss National Park? Publication Pia Anderwald et al. 2013
35917Research of Lepidoptera fauna as one of the basis for the biodiversity management in the Kozjanski Park Publication Stanislav Gomboc, Dusan Klenovsek, Teo Hrvoje Orsanic 2013
35951Research in protected areas funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Publication Günter Köck 2013
35987Research for sustainable communities Publication Anthony Patt 2013
36049Remote sensing signals of erosion and plant diversity in the Kazbegi national park region (Greater Caucasus, Georgia) Publication Martin Wiesmair et al. 2013
35945Relict rock glaciers as important aquifers in sensitive ecosystems: The example of the Natura 2000 protection area Niedere Tauern Range, Styria Publication Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Marcus Pauritsch, Gerfried Winkler 2013
35939Regeneration of high montane plant communities in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen (Northern Alps) after fire events Publication Michel Max Kalas, Christian Berg 2013
36009Reconstruction of a pre-historic past rock avalanche in the Hohen Tauern region: The Auernig sturzstrom Publication Jürgen M. Reitner, Ralf Schuster 2013
36025Quality Standards for nature-based tourism in Protected Areas in the Alps Publication Dominik Siegrist, Susanne Gessner 2013
35884Protected areas in Columbia - on track to sustainable development? Publication Axel Borsdorf & Carla Marchant 2013
35988Protected areas and climate change impact research: roles, challenges, needs Publication H. Pauli et al. 2013
35980Prioritization of river protection measures and strategies Publication S. Muhar et al. 2013
35976Priorities for Research, Planning and Management of Sustainable Spatial Development and Protection in Serbia Publication Sasa Milijic, Marija Maksiu, Nikola Krunic 2013
35904Potential habitats for the European Wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris, SCHREBER 1777) in Austria - a basis for further steps in conservation Publication Sarah Friembichler, Leopold Slotta-Bachmayr 2013
35932Population Density, Habitat Preferences and Nest Predation of the River Warbler (Locustella fluviatilis) in the Donau-Auen National Park, Eastern Austria Publication Franz Hölzl, Christian H. Schulze 2013
36033Planning in England's National parks Publication Nicola Thompson, Guy Garrod, Marian Raley 2013
35989Parks Landscapes in Europe: Towards An Integration of Policies and Management Publication Attilia Peano et al. 2013
36043Park Assessment in Switzerland: from controlling of single parks to a systematic evaluation across all parks Publication Astrid Wallner, Marcel Hunziker 2013
35981Owls in Floodplain Forests in Eastern Austria: Habitat Use and Population Density Publication Christina Nagl, Karl Reiter, Christian H. Schulze 2013
35883Organization of Environmental Monitoring in Protected Areas. Publication V.N. Bolshakov, I.A. Kuznetsova, N.S. Muhina 2013
35963Opportunities and limits of the ecosystem services framework in capturing the cultural dimension of sustainable regional and landscape development in protected areas Publication Marion Leng, Thomas Hammer, Bettina Scharrer 2013
35885Observer bias and its causes in botanical records on summits. Publication Sarah Burg et al. 2013
36016Neophytes in the NP Thayatal - distribution mapping and evaluation of management Publication V. Schiffleithner, F. Essl 2013
35948Natural Hazards - Hazards for Nature? Avalanches as a promotor of biodiversity. A case study on the invertebrate fauna in the Gesäuse National park (Styria, Austria) Publication Christian Komposch, Thomas Frieß, Daniel Kreiner 2013
35892Natural floodplain dynamics shape grasshopper assemblages of meadows in the Donau-Auen National Park (Austria) Publication Agnes Demetz et al. 2013
35849Nationalparks Austria Forschungssymposium 2013 - Tagungsband - Teil 2 Publication Nationalparks Austria 2013
35848Nationalparks Austria Forschungssymposium 2013 - Tagungsband - Teil 1 Publication Nationalparks Austria 2013
35853National Park Certificate for Alpine Pastures. Publication Susanne Aigner, Thomas Steiner 2013
35952Mountain ecosystems in a changing environment Publication Christian Körner 2013
35896Mountain Biking in Protected Areas in Case of Triglav National Park Publication Urska Drofenik, Mojca Golobic 2013
35880Monitoring of French altitude lakes in multi-stressors situations: focus on 5 lakes in Haute-Savoie. Publication C. Birck, I. Domaizon, F. Rimet 2013
36027Monitoring of biodiversity in the core zones of Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald Publication Markus Staudinger, Irene Drozdowski 2013
35974Monitoring of autochthonous brown trout (Salmo trutta f. fario L.) populations in different brooks of the National Park Hohe Tauern Publication Nikolaus Medgyesy 2013
35895Monitoring dormice (Gliridae) populations as a method of evaluating the efficiency of biodiversity management tools in Gradistea Muncelului - Cioclovina Nature Park Publication Catalina-Ioana Dragoi, Mihaela Faur 2013
35996Monitoring breeding birds in the National Park Thayatal: point counts with distance sampling - a case study on selected songbird species Publication Jürgen Pollheimer, Martin Pollheimer 2013
35965Monitoring and Modelling of Sediment and Habitat at the Alluvial Zone National Park of the Austrian Danube Publication Marcel Liedermann et al. 2013
35998Modelling of Habitat Preferences of water pipits (Anthus spinoletta spinoletta) in Nationalpark Gesäuse using Remote Sensing and GIS Publication Jakob Pöhacker et al. 2013
36019Modelling alpine permafrost distribution in the Hohe Tauern region, Austria Publication Lothar Schrott, Jan-Christoph Otto, Felix Keller 2013
35995Mobility patterns of alpine Erebia populations: Does a large road act as a dispersal barrier? Publication Daniela Polic, Andrea Grill 2013
35899Micro- and meiobiota patterns in glacier driven stream habitats Publication Ursula Eisendle-Flöckner, Christian D. Jersabek, Martin Kirchmair 2013
36005Metacommunity structure in a floodplain system: implications for conservation and restoration Publication Walter Reckendorfer, Andrea Funk 2013
35891Mercantour-Alpi Marittime Generalised Biological Inventory: An Example of Successful Collaboration between Protected Areas Managers and Taxonomist. Publication M. De Biaggi et al. 2013
35852Meadows and Pastures - Islands of Biodiversity in the National Park Kalkalpen (Upper Austria). Publication Susanne Aigner et al. 2013
36015Management and Research in Park Gantrisch of National Importance Publication Christine Scheidegger 2013
35900Main Principles and Results of Landscape Planning of New Protected Area in Central Caucasus (Georgia) Publication Nodar Elizbarashvili, George Meladze 2013
35966Low genetic diversity of the reintroduced bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) population in the Alps calls for further releases Publication Franziska Loercher, Lukas Keller, Daniel Hegglin 2013
36013Long term monitoring of natural regeneration in natural forest reserves in Austria - results from the ELENA project Publication Herwig Ruprecht et al. 2013
35950Long term monitoring of grazing in salt habitats on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl Publication Ingo Korner 2013
35936Long term ecosystem research Publication Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, Vienna, Austria 2013
35894Long-term ecosystem monitoring and research at LTER Zöbelboden - 20 year anniversary Publication Thomas Dirnböck et al. 2013
35897Living forests and dead wood. Saproxylic beetle communities in two suspected virgin forest areas in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen (Upper Austria) Publication Andreas Eckelt 2013
35994Linking the wilderness continuum concept to protected areas Publication Christoph Plutzar et al. 2013
35958Leafhoppers and Planthoppers as bioindicators in European grasslands Publication Gernot Kunz 2013
35886Landscape Observatories as Tools for the Management of Protected Areas: The Case of Sierra Nevada (Spain). Publication Andrés Caballero Calvo, Yolanda Jiménez Olivencia, Laura Porcel Rodrguez 2013
35983Labels of protected areas: best practices for a sustainable regional development. The case study of the Italian Alpine protected areas. Publication Andrea Omizzolo, Serena Frittoli 2013
35957Investigations of ship-induced waves on the Austrian Danube in the Donau-Auen National Park Publication N. Krouzecky et al. 2013
36001Innovative Actions Against Illegal Poisoning in Protected Areas of Crete Publication M. Probonas et al. 2013
36006Influence of tourism activities on mountain hares (Lepus timidus) and their consequences Publication M. Rehmus, M. Wehrle, R. Palme 2013
35881Induction and Spread of a spruce bark beetle outbreak in the Wilderness Area Dürrenstein, Austria. Publication E. Blackwell et al. 2013
35925Implementing a long-term monitoring site focusing on permafrost and rockfall interaction at the Kitzsteinhorn (3.203 m), Hohe Tauern Range, Austria - A status report from the MOREXPERT project. Publication Ingo Hartmeyer, Markus Keuschnig, Lothar Schrott 2013
35920Impact of flooding on true bug communities (Heteroptera) on meadows of the Morava River floodplains, Eastern Austria Publication Marian Gratzer, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Christian H. Schulze 2013
35999Impact of dams, dam removal and dam-related river engineering structures on sediment connectivity and channel morphology of the Fugnitz and the Kaja Rivers Publication Ronald E. Poeppl et al. 2013
35861Impact of climate warming - Upslope shift in the distribution of a land snail species in the Swiss National Park. Publication Bruno Baur, Anette Baur 2013
36026Human Impact on Hydrographic Processes in Aquatic Complex of Nature Park Hutovo Blato Publication Muriz Spahic, Emir Temimovic, Haris Jahic 2013
35926How restoration measures can affect biogeochemical cycles in protected floodplain areas along the Danube River Publication T. Hein et al. 2013
35947Horrible dynamics in old conservation systems? Undercooled scree slopes in the Austrian Alps - Spider fauna, significance and threat in times of climate change (Arachnida: Araneae) Publication Christian Komposch, Martin Hepner, Norbert Milasowszky 2013
35924Health effects of alpine waterfalls Publication Arnulf Hartl et al. 2013
35943Habitat preference of the sublittoral fish assemblage in a free-flowing section of the Danube River, Austria. Publication H. Keckeis et al. 2013
35944Ground surface temperature and permafrost evolution in the Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria, between 2006 and 2012: Signals of a warming climate? Publication Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer 2013
35913Griffon Vulture Monitoring in the National Park Hohe Tauern Publication Fulvio Genero, Michael Knollseisen 2013
36024Glaciological Monitoring, Venedigerkees, Hohe Tauern, Austria Publication Bernd Seiser, Andreas Fischer, Hans Wiesenegger 2013
36040From Research of the Carpathian Beech Virgin Forests to the World heritage Publication Ivan Voloscuk 2013
35916Frogs in the city: problems of research and conservation of amphibians in Lobau (Vienna, Donau-Auen National Park) Publication Günter Gollmann et al. 2013
35905Framework for long-term ecological research in alpine river systems Publication Leopold Füreder, Wolfgang Schöner 2013
36048Formation of glacial lakes - a recent dynamic process in the Hohe Tauern National Park Publication Hans Wiesenegger, Heinz Slupetzky, Martin Geilhausen 2013
36038Forest management in the Piatra Craiului National Park between economic benefits and ecosystem services Publication Iuliana Vijulie et al. 2013
35984Forest disturbance monitoring system based on high spatial resolution satellite images in the Kalkalpen National Park Publication Antonia Osberger, Dirk Tiede, Stefan lang 2013
36020Feeding behaviour of Ruffs during spring migration at a stopover site of international importance in Eastern Austria Publication Claudia Schütz, Christian H. Schulze 2013
35903Faunistic Characterisation of Alpine Springs in the Swiss National Park Publication Susanne Felder, Stefanie von Fumetti 2013
35877Extracurricular Environmental Education in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. Publication Magdalena Bernsteiner 2013
35915Examinations on alpine trout populations (Salmo trutta f. fario) in the province of Salzburg (Austria) Publication Verena Gfrerer 2013
35975Erasing a biodiversity hot-spot: Open woodlands, veteran trees and mature forests succumb to forestry intensification, logging, and succession in Lower Morava UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Publication Jan Miklin, Lukas Cizek 2013
35972Epiphytic lichen communities in the National Park Kalkalpen, Austria, Upper-Austria Publication W. Mayer, J. Gruber, R. Türk 2013
35961EO-based monitoring of Europe's most precious habitats inside and outside protected areas Publication Stefan Lang, Lena Pernkopf 2013
36010EO-based habitat structure assessment in a trans-boundary Natura 2000 site Publication Barbara Riedler, Lena Pernkopf, Thomas Strasser, Stefan Lang 2013
36046EMaRT - possibilities for the use of innovative web technologies in monitoring of Natura 2000 territories Publication Elisabeth Weinke, Christian Ragger 2013
35890Effects of wildlife management in national parks on its populations - Where to go? Publication Dominik Dachs 2013
36050Effects of spruce bark beetle calamities on the faunistic biodiversity of mountain forests in the Alpine Berchtesgaden National Park Publication M.-B. Winter et al. 2013
36053Effects of gravel mining on the surface-active arthropod fauna of ephemeral gravel-bed stream valley in the National Park Gesäuse (Styria, Austria) Publication Klaus Peter Zulka 2013
35887Effects of extreme weather events on Apennines grasslands productivity. Publication Stefano Chelli et al. 2013
36023Effects of active conservation management on biodiversity: Multi-taxa survey in oak woodlands of Podyji National Park, Czech Republic Publication Pavel Sebek et al. 2013
35949Educational opportunities of Austrian National Parks as a sustainability-oriented adult education - comparative analysis of the Nationalpark Gesäuse and Nationalpark Kalkalpen Publication Christian Kondler 2013
35851Ecosystem and Ecocity Planning in the Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey. Publication Bulent Acma 2013
35919Ecophysiology of filamentous green algae in astatic saline-alkaline ponds Publication Andrea Grabenhofer, Michael Schagerl 2013
35858Dynamic processes as a key factor for biodiversity? A zoological case study in the largest rockslip area of the Eastern Alps (Dobratsch, Austria; Arachnida: Araneae, Opiliones, Scorpiones; Insecta: Coleoptera). Publication Sandra Aurenhammer, Christian Komposch 2013
35934Do protected areas achieve the objectives defined for the protection of processes, functions and diversity and where are the limits? Publication Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, Vienna, Austria 2013
35960Do landscape structural patterns reflect Ecosystem Service provision? - A comparison between protected and unprotected areas throughout the Neusiedler See region Publication M. Kuttner, A. Hermann, T. Wrbka 2013
35907Distribution, abundance and habitat requirements of protected bird species in the Hohe Tauern National Park (Austria): combining field work and habitat modelling Publication M. Gattermayr et al. 2013
35953Distributed water balance modeling in the Berchtesgaden National Park Publication G. Kraller et al. 2013
35888Differences in development paths of tourism and agriculture within abruzzo region protected areas. Publication Emilio Chiodo et al. 2013
36000Development of an integrated modeling tool to assess the nutrient dynamics and trophic status of a decoupled floodplain along the Danube River in Austria Publication S. Preiner, T. Hein 2013
36041Developing sustainable tourism in sensitive mountain areas. Challenges for the sustainable management of leisure motived mobility in the UNESCO world heritage site of the Dolomites Publication Matthias Wagner 2013
35882Destructive and constructive effects of mudflows - primary succession and success of pasture regeneration in the nature park Sölktäler (Styria, Austria). Publication A. Bohner et al. 2013
35937Designing research in protected areas - theory and reality Publication Michael Jungmeier 2013
35906Depicting community perspectives: repeat photography and participatory research as tools for assessing environmental services in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal Publication Rodney Garrard et al. 2013
36045Density estimations of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) from long term camera trap data in the Bohemian Forest Ecosystem Publication Kirsten Weingarth et al. 2013
35914Cryptic bumblebee species of the Bombus lucorum-complex in the Austrian Alps Publication Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn et al. 2013
35860Creation of value through tourism in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Val Müstair Parc Naziunal. Publication Norman Backhaus 2013
35970Constraints and Challenges in the Creation and Public Use of the Protected Areas within the City. Case Study: Lake Vacaresti - Bucharest City Publication Gabriela Manea et al. 2013
35956Comparison of herbivore communities on the native Field Maple Acer campestre (L.) and the invasive neophyte Box Elder Acer negundo (L.) in the NP Donau-Auen, Lower Austria Publication Henriette Krebs, Christian H. Schulze, Konrad Fiedler 2013
35922Comparative fish stock assessment at the Johnsbach brook and the Enns River within the course of the EU LIFE-project Conservation strategies for woodlands and rivers in the Gesäuse Mountains Publication Agnes Hahn 2013
35977Characterization of the six recent woodpecker species in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen and the development of a habitat-model in GIS to evaluate the living space of woodpeckers in the area of the Nationalpark Publication Thomas Moitzi 2013
35969Changes in soil macrofauna composition in undisturbed areas: using altitudinal gradients as a proxy for climate change Publication Anton P. Mahringer, Martin Zimmer 2013
35940Challenges in Conserving Private Protected Areas: where are the opportunities? Publication Sristi Kamal 2013
35901Challenges for sustainable tourism management in a UNESCO serial World Heritage Site. The case of the Dolomites. Publication Marianna Elmi 2013
36044Challenges for mountain protected areas in Central and Eastern Europe. Examples from Poland and Ukraine Publication Agata Warchalska-Troll 2013
35971Carabid beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Thaya valley Publication Theresia Markut 2013
35928Bird communities in distinctively mixed alpine forests of the Ennstal Alps in the Gesaeuse National Park Publication Jürgen Hengsberger 2013
36003Biomass-mapping of alpine grassland with APEX imaging spectrometry data Publication Maja Rapp, Anna Schweiger, Ruedi Haller 2013
35986Biodiversity and structure in managed and unmanaged forests: a comparison based on the strict forest reserves network in Franze Publication Yoan Paillet et al. 2013
35923Beyond the inventory - Change detection at the landscape level using aerial photographs in four protected areas of the Alps Publication Ruedi Haller et al. 2013
35879A transnational lichen inventory of the Alps: a long overdue task. Publication Peter O. Bilovitz et al. 2013
36031Assessment of environmental education indicators in Triglav National Park, Slovenia Publication Mojca Stubelj Ars 2013
35927A review of research on Pinus cembra in Austria, with special reference to the conservation of genetic resources Publication Berthold Heinze, Kurt Holzer 2013
35964Architecture - A main factor of development and protection of the mountain environment Publication Estelle Lépine 2013
35978A Perspective on Ecological Corridor for Maintaining Healthy Ecological Processes in the Caucasus Publication Cristian S. Montalvo Mancheno, Giorgi Nakhutsrishvili, Nugzar Zazanashvili 2013
36012A participatory method for agrobiodiversity conservation Publication Beni Rohrbach, Patrick Laube 2013
35968An outline of research for systemic governance of protected areas: building partnerships for sustainable management Publication Tobias Luthe, Frieder Voll 2013
36017An assessment of population status and trends of the European Kingfisher in the Donau-Auen National Park and in eastern Austria Publication Matthias Schmidt 2013
35955Analysis of potential breeding habitat for the White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) in Austria Publication Zsofia Krasznai 2013
35898Analysis of Natura 2000 habitats and species in the Hohe Tauern National Park Carinthia and Salzburg Publication Gregory Egger et al. 2013
35855Alpine Pastures Active - New Ways for Biodiversity. Publication Bettina Burkart-Aicher / ANL - Bavarian Academy for Nature and Landscape Conservation 2013
35941Aerosol Measurements at the Sonnblick Observatory. On-line Identification of Long-Range Transport of Particulate Matter Publication Anne Kasper-Giebl et al. 2013
36021Adequate indicators for environmental change in alpine river systems (Hohe Tauern NP, Austria) - Preliminary results Publication Stefan Schütz, Leopold Füreder 2013
35857Addressing Challenges in Managing Recreation in Protected Areas in an International Context: the International Summer Schools on Natural Resource and Recreation Management in Protected Areas. Publication Arne Arnberger et al. 2013
36002Adapting conservation management to climate change - Challenges and solutions from protected areas in Central Europe Publication Sven Rannow, Christian Wilke 2013
35997Abundance and habitat selection of two alpine songbird species in the National Park hohe Tauern (Austria) Publication Jürgen Pollheimer, Julia Gstir 2013
35959100 Years of National Park Idea in the Hohe Tauern, Salzburg Publication Patrick Kupper 2013