The 'Protected Areas Research Center for Spatial Information' (PARCS) is a virtual center of competence. We run the Geographical Information Systems and Data Infrastructures (GIS/GDI) for the Swiss National Park and the Wildnispark Zuerich (former Sihlwald Forest Reserve), two of the largest and most investigated protected areas in Switzerland, and the GDI for the Swiss Parks Network.

We are responsible for setting up and maintaining GIS databases for protected areas. By joining forces the participating partners profit from sharing resources, developments and most importantly knowledge. This enables us to provide high quality services with small but highly qualified teams.

Protected areas with a high volume of research being performed in and around their territory have particular requirements for GIS. Apart from providing standard base datasets and maintaining general GIS services for administration and normal users, research generates a high number of data that need to be handled in accurate ways, often requiring assistance from GIS professionals for technical and scientific help with spatial data handling. As research is destined to push the limits, high expectations also require the application of newest aquisition techniques or even techniques only available at an experimental stage.

As we are supporting and handling data from numerous scientific disciplines, a high flexibility and a broad knowledge of scientific processes are required. Where needed we can provide, among others, expertise in GIS and spatial analysis, database design, system administration, GPS, surveying, photogrammetry, project administration, cartography, biology, didactics, photography and even medicine.

Parcs.Network Data Center To find data across all contributing parks in Switzerland and Austria, you can use the Parcs.Network Data Center or go directly to an individual data center.